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Optimal Fusion is a performance driven integrated media company utilizing exclusive properties and platforms to link brands and consumers through targeted marketing solutions. Pairing our proprietary audience targeting technology with first party data, and our portfolio of internal properties, Optimal Fusion cultivates a brand-safe environment perfectly situated to target the most relevant consumers.

Ignite your Earning Potential

Harness unique multi-screen ad formats through a premium integrated private marketplace

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Audience Targeting

Develop niche audience segments and target specific communities through our data collection and implementation platform. First party, self-reported, and psychographic data is digested to target specific users with actionable messages. Allow us to implement customized data rich survey and market research initiatives in conjunction with existing media campaigns to uncover unique audience insights. Tap into Optimal Fusion's renowned complimentary Wrap-up Reports loaded with creative and quantitative insights.

Lead Generation

For marketers looking to reach prospective customers, many times impressions, clicks, and viewability metrics are not where their KPI's lie; their end goal is to sell a product or reach a consumer either through email or a call center. Through first party data, and content integration our platform gives direct response marketers the opportunity to reach targeted consumers before, during, and after purchases and other online activities. With flexible metrics, marketers can pay for actions rather than only impressions.

Brand Response

Some of our clients are focused on branding, and some of our clients are focused on direct response initiatives. But we don't really think these brands' objectives are all that different. Why can't you promote a brand while driving a specific conversion? You can, and we do. Our industry leading performance based platform allows advertisers to pay for actions while receiving all of the benefits of a traditional branding campaign.

Reach Consumers, Not Bots!

Brand Protection

Optimal Fusion's suite of fraud protection tools cultivates a brand-safe environment through which marketers can reach their desired audience and avoid bots, non-human activity, forced clicks, fraud, and unseen impressions.

Internally managed IP reputation monitoring, blocking, and blacklisting.

In addition, Optimal Fusion and the Fuze360 Audience Platform are integrated with industry leading fraud protection services including DoubleVerify, Forensiq, and Experian.

DoubleVerify Forensiq Experian


Why buy an impression that no one sees when you can buy the post view activity instead?

Performance driven campaigns, with branding caliber viewability. Unique ability to deliver direct response actions with above average viewability standards.

Flexible payment models based on post click/view KPI's as opposed to traditional impression based deployment.

Target the consumer rather then the impression through multi-screen device-based responsiveness.


Developers can target the most relevant consumers, with scale, through our Cost Per Install platform. Our proprietary algorithm pairs first and third party data with contextual targeting to serve the most relevant app to the most appropriate consumer.

Don't waste installs on transient downloaders, instead, target active players who are most inclined to interact post-installation.

Our platform offers transparency and full control, reaching unseen performance efficiency.


A premium video marketplace showcasing exclusive direct publisher inventory across our vast audience. Focusing on industry leading viewability, first party data integration and targeting, along with multi-layer protection from non-human traffic.

Enjoy economical pricing for unique inventory only available through our private marketplace as opposed to the typical saturated DSP inventory.


Fuze360 - Data Driven Audience Platform

Learn more about Fuze360, and how simple it is to integrate with your content. See how thousands of publishers are benefiting from Optimal Fusion's high quality content monetization products.

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Optimal Fusion In The News


Optimal Fusion, a leader in digital advertising solutions, announced the rollout of a new revolutionary pricing model for media purchased through their instream native audience platform Fuze360. This new goal-focused pricing model is groundbreaking in that ad rates are developed based on contractually guaranteed predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPI). By guaranteeing predefined objectives, the new pricing model is proven to substantially mitigate marketers’ risk.

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Looking for a career at one of the fastest growing companies in the affiliate marketing industry? Check out some of our available positions and join our team of top notch professionals.

We are one of the fastest growing companies in our industry and have a very high employee retention rate. Here at Optimal Fusion our staff is happier than strawberry cheesecake. We offer competitive salaries, benefits and exciting job perks. A comfortable and casual work environment is also something we pride ourselves on.

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Optimal Fusion combines the latest innovations in technology with the customizable media and creative opportunities our clients seek. Developed and conceived with a eye towards Branded-Direct-Response campaigns, Optimal Fusion develops and manages custom online solutions which put your brand in the spotlight while also delivering relevant data which many consumer based companies rely on.

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